Hairdresser's advice

We answered some of the most frequent questions we get asked in our everyday work.
Feel free to read our hairstylist advice and recommendations, we are sure you will find them interesting and useful.

How can I find a hairstyle that fits me? I have curly hair. I'm scared it wont be as curly after haircut. What do I do? My hair is straight, long and heavy. I always wear it in a ponytail, I'd like some sort of change while keeping my hair long. I want to cut my bangs. How do I know if it will suit me? I've been getting light highlights done for years now, my hair is very dry and my highlights have merged into one color. Should I recolor to brown and then re-do the highlights? Can I treat hair myself with natural products?

Why does my hairstyle lose its shape after 2-3 weeks? Is my hair the problem or the hairstylist

These days asymmetrical and "messy" haircuts are very popular, they also require precise cutting and the look can be achieved with scissors. That way the hairstyle shape will last longerI'm afraid it was a problem with poor cutting technique in your case.

My hair is falling out more than usual. Should I be worried? What should I do? I have dandruff and my scalp itches. What do I do? I have brown eyes. Would blonde hair suit me? Does hair straightener damage hair, is it even smart to straighten your hair? I have curly hair and it's very dry. What do I do? I've heard that hair straightening is not popular anymore, is it true? What sort of highlights are popular this year? Is short hair popular this year?